At-Risk Youth

HIP-HOP for L.I.F.E. (Lifting Individuals from Environments)

MISSION:   Reward and encourage positive behavior choices in at-risk youth. 

VISION:   Empower youth through positive reinforcement to change the course of their lives and envision themselves beyond their current environments.


Program Summary


WHO WE ARE: Hip-Hop for LIFE (HHFL) is a cultural dance program under Onsite Youth Training. We are dedicated to youth empowerment through teaching Hip Hop cultural arts, with a specific focus on dance education. We are unique from other organizations in that we have used Hip Hop culture to change the course of our own lives and seek to pass those lessons on to the next generation.


• HHFL aims to reach at-risk youth by bringing healthy, engaging and collaborative lessons directly to the student population.

• We offer dance workshops that allow participants to express themselves through a healthy hobby.

• Participants receive small group instruction, positive reinforcement and helpful advice on how to progress to more difficult movements.

• Our workshops include a motivational talk allowing participants to ask questions, receive useful advice and hear examples of how they can turn any situation into a positive and productive result.




• The HHFL program is a tool that reinforces and rewards positive behavior choices. (PBIS)

• By rewarding positive behavior we hope to encourage students to continue to make positive choices and deter from                  negative behavior.

• Our classes increase cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

• We promote a healthy lifestyle, allowing for students to live a happier and healthier life.

• Motivational talks empower youth with tools and skills to navigate through obstacles, providing students with new skills to use instead of relying on old behaviors.